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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Sting: The Reformatory 2


We are back at Pine Valley Juvenile Reformatory. Standing before the Warden are two more young inmates who have not attained the required levels of efficiency demanded during their rehabilitation. The governor knows exactly what has to be done and sends the two lazy lads to their Senior Officer, Mr Sharpe. He knows perfectly well how to deal with obstreperous juveniles.

On arrival both lads are told they are going to be spanked. First it will be Rivera (Evan Novak) who is told to take off his pants and underwear. He will be going over the knee to feel the full sting of Officer Sharpe's scolding palm. 

When Rivera's bare bottom has been well roasted it will be the turn of Mitchell (new StingLad Steve Hardy) He has never ever been spanked, so baring his bottom and going over the knee of the senior officer will bring back memories of how his Pa would deal with him, but hey he was only a kid then! Mr Sharpe gets started and Mitchell feels the burning hand of discipline on his firm little bare butt, its stings, too much!

No punishment would be complete without using the wooden reformatory paddle. Officers Sharpe's personal persuader has become wickedly smooth as they years go by. Its collided painfully with many an insolent lads bare bottom and will now bite the backsides of both Rivera and Mitchell as they lay across the top of the gym horse. 

The two boys can only kick their legs and howl and the paddle cracks down on their now very sore and red bare bottoms. The old persuader is doing just that and the two boys are assuredly convinced they are going to work much harder to reform in future.



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BBFC: Jeff Strapped


Warned time and again Jeff does not seem to get the message, this time he will. He is marched in and drops his trousers and underwear and stands against the wall. The strap cracks down on his smooth little butt and he has no where to go.  After each stroke he presents his butt for the next whack and stripes start to show across his ass.

Jeff takes it well but his knees start to buckle as a tell tale sign that this is something he will not forget in a hurry. No matter how hard he tries in the end he just caves in and falls to the floor in a very sorry for himself state.  





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