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Saturday, 11 October 2008

David goes OTK


  1. David has a very spankable bottom, it is an almost perfect shape.

  2. David has a great ass. The kind made for spanking. I have not purchased any videos from Sting Pictures yet but I have to say the sets I have seen posted here, especially this set, have made me think that I need to. I love this series of photos.

  3. Sting now offer downloads which no longer DRM restrictions, which is cheaper than buying the DVD although the quality is different (still very good)

    As well as the full length movies there are shorter stories costing from around £9.95 (around $20)although this particular one (Approved Education 2) cost a bit more as it is a lot longer. Here is a link

    That way you can try them out and see what you think without paying full price

    I think US members can purchase them via the Mans Hand site if it is back up.

    JockSpank has no connection to Sting, but I think they are great!

  4. Davis has that wonderful type of boy's butt that juts out ever so nicely, just ready to spank and then caress afterwards.

  5. David always seems to be in trouble - or at least Rich always seems able to find a reason to strip and spank him. Pleased to see that David gets to enjoy one of the pleasures rubbing a sore bottom usually gives. Great set of pics.

  6. david delights and is delighted.
    What could be better?

  7. David has a but to die for.